5 Reasons to head to Goa, this Monsoon

5 Reasons to head to Goa, this Monsoon

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Monsoon – it’s that time of the year we yearn for. India’s Destino de Festacalms as the first rain hits the shore and the milky waterfalls, scenic nature, and calming beach settlein Goa. Beach Resorts in Goa near beach offer special Goa monsoon packages for the tourists, wanderers, and soul searchers to experience the real gems of Goa.

5 Reasons to visit Goa in Monsoon:


  • Visit waterfalls:


Ever heard of majestic Dudhsagar waterfalls? Monsoon is the perfect time to experience the beauty of Dudhsagar falls,Sakla-Vajra, Chorla, and Netravali waterfalls in Goa. No one can deny the beauty of ghats during monsoon season. A drive up to the ghats will help you escape the world and get close to nature.


  • River rafting:


Adventurers have the time of life withriver rafting in the swellingMhadeiRiver. The excitement increases when you pass through densely wooded forest and sudden showers during river rafting is pure bliss.


River cruise on Mandovi River is a popular option from Goa monsoon packages. Don’t forget to capture the moment when the sun sets on the western horizon and the cruise illuminates with the dazzling lights welcoming the fun night with dance, live performances, casino, and snack on board.


  • Festivals:


The monsoon showers fill the empty streets and Goa hotels with the carnival mood. If you love Goan culture, you can’t miss Bonderam festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, and local feasts. Savor the delicacies and famous local beverage Feniwhile celebrating festivities with natives.


  • Forts and safaris:


During monsoon, the forts shred the dust and gloom and wear the fresh green layers with woven flowers. While you admire their beauty from the foot, the look from atop is breathtaking.

Though the wildlife sanctuaries and safaris are open throughout the year, exploring the dense forests and vivacious wildlife will an exciting experience during Goa monsoon holidays.


  • Less crowd, more fun:


Monsoon is the season when the streets and beaches in Goa breathe fresh air.Withfewer tourists around;you get the perfect chance to have your peaceful time or a romantic walk by the beach and enjoy the inexpensive at the best hotels in Goa near the beach. Nothing’s better than driving on the nearly empty streets and enjoying the cool breeze sudden showers to let off steam.

During the odd season, the restaurants, bars, and Goa hotels offer exciting Goa monsoon packages. It’s time to step out, leave your worries behind and join the celebration of resurgence in Goan paradise.