5 benefits of paragliding that you didn’t know

5 benefits of paragliding that you didn’t know

June 26, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen


If you want to try paragliding in India, we’ve got the goss on how it will help you.

Imagine sailing through the air, several hundred feet above the ground, with the most wonderful vantage point to check on the world. Paragliding is such great fun, you will want to do it again and again.

It’s not just fun, however: paragliding has some serious health benefits that you may not be aware of. If you’re going paragliding in India soon, you would do well to pick a suitable spot that offers this sport. 

Once your spot for paragliding in India is booked, you can now focus on enjoying the sport. This is how it can help you:

#1. Better balance. It might look easy, but it’s really not. Paragliding requires you to engage your postural pelvic and back muscles, core and thighs. These muscles get a rigorous workout while you are up in the air and staying afloat. These muscles are necessary for better body balance when you walk or sprint, and engaging them for even a few minutes creates better posture and overall balance.

#2. Lower stress and improve focus.Paragliding is a sport that involves complete focus when you’re up in the air. You concentrate on where you are, your body position, the world around you and other things – you literally have no mind space for the mundane stresses and distractions that occupy you when you’re on the ground. The adrenaline rush in your veins also increases your focus. In the long run, sports like paragliding improve your focus and reduce your stress considerably.

#3. Burn calories. Did you know that paragliding offers the bonus of calorie burning? This happens when your entire body is engaged in maintaining your balance and hanging on till the ride is complete. The major muscles and joints of the body are maintained in a certain way to keep you astride comfortably – and this burns a lot of calories.

#4. Face up to your fears. Have you avoided aerial sports like windsurfing and paragliding in India due to your fear of heights? Well, the only way to get rid of this fear is to confront it head on. Book yourself into a paragliding slot (make sure the service provider is a reputed, certified one) and just grit your teeth and go ahead with it. After the initial few heart stopping moments, you will begin to enjoy it and even love the rush of wind in your hair. If nothing else, you will feel more confident about doing the things that you fear doing.

#5. Understand your place in the universe.Apart from facing up to your fears, paragliding up in the air alone makes you feel weightless and liberated, like you’re the king of the world. But paradoxically, it also demonstrates that you are but a tiny drop in the ocean of life. It is a great leveller that shows you your place in the universe, and that you matter a lot in the overall scheme of things, but that life goes on despite all your problems.