10 Tips for Filing a Successful Travel Insurance Claim

10 Tips for Filing a Successful Travel Insurance Claim

April 30, 2019 Off By admin

When one buys a Travel insurance, the hope is that one wouldn’t have to use it for any reason. However, despite our best hopes and wishes, sometimes thing do go wrong and it is at those times that we realize the true value of a travel insurance policy. However, to truly benefit from the cover provided and to ensure that the claims are settled without much hassle, it is very important to know the important things to remember while filing for a successful travel insurance claim. Therefore, we at HDFC Ergo have come up with the things that you should be mindful of while filing for a travel insurance claim for it to be a success.

  1. Be persistent

Many travel insurance claims get rejected on their first time. However, if you really want your file to get claimed, it is important that you are persistent about it. You can dispute the claim and if the travel insurance company finds that it is actually right, then you can get your claim the second or even third time around.

  1. Be detailed

When it comes to your travel insurance claim, the phrase ‘less is more’ does not apply. It is important to be as descriptive as possible. Any slight detail that you can remember will be helpful for your case. Even if you think some detail might not be important, it could actually be quite significant to the authorities and for the bigger picture as well. Write down all the details that you can remember in proper chronological order.

  1. Record it

Instead of relying on your memory, record it, i.e. write it down. Be as detailed and descriptive as possible in your record. Record any incident that you think is important with the local authorities and get a written report. In case something you own has been stolen or damaged, report it as soon as possible instead of waiting.

  1. Keep all other necessary paperwork ready

Typically you will need to file your travel insurance claim second to your medical insurance or airlines agencies for whatever they have to cover. In case of cancellation and other such instances, make sure you keep all the necessary paperwork ready as your travel insurance company will want to check these first before you can file for a travel insurance claim. Without this paperwork ready, it will be very difficult for you to file for a successful travel insurance claim.

  1. File your claim quickly

After returning from your trip, it can often be a tempting thought to simply unwind and relax for a few days. You might even consider putting off filing your claim for a couple of days. However, this is a big mistake. When it comes to filing your travel insurance claim, it is best to work quickly. File your travel insurance claim as quickly as possible. You need to get all your other claims filed as well, alongside your travel insurance claim. Typically, you will have 20 to 90 days to file your claim, however, it is best to work quickly and do this at the earliest.

  1. Understand your travel insurance policy well

Picking the right travel insurance company, the right policy, and understanding the documents properly might seem like a lengthy, long drawn process which is quite dull. However, this is one of the most important things you can do to have a successful travel insurance claim. Research well and find the best travel insurance company. Then, it is important to discuss with a professional to understand what kind of travel insurance policy will suit your needs in the best way possible.

  1. Recheck each and every document

Finally, you must go through all the documents at length, clearing all your questions and doubts in case you have any. This will help you understand your travel insurance policy better and help you file a more successful travel insurance claim.

  1. Take help from your insurer if you need it

A lot of travel insurance companies will have a 24-hour helpline for their customers. In case you are in a fix or have any doubts or worries about anything, do not wait till you have returned from your travels. Instead, if possible, contact your insurer on the helpline and get professional help and guidance. This can be a really good decision to take when you are in any doubts and can help you file a more successful travel insurance claim.

  1. Keep all the proof

When it comes to filing a successful travel insurance claim, make sure you have all the evidence on you. This includes all kinds of bills, receipts, and any photographic evidence as well. Make sure everything you have is dated, as this can help in filing for a successful travel insurance claim.

  1. Be confident

When you file a claim, you have to put every piece of information in a confident way. If you are not confident enough, the insurance company might not take your claim seriously.

So, these are some of the most important tips you can keep in mind when you want to file for a successful travel insurance claim from your insurer.