10 Fantastic Islands at Raja Ampat, Indonesia

10 Fantastic Islands at Raja Ampat, Indonesia

August 27, 2020 Off By John Authen

Located at the centres of the world’s Coral Triangle, it isn’t essential what place you plunge to get a dive or snorkel in Raja Ampat islands. Every corner of the Raja Ampat archipelago is well worth discovering, together with guarantees of views and wildlife. To create the very best of your time and support heading off this considerable variety of islands, we have curated the ten most excellent to explore in Raja Ampat.

  1. Wayag Island

Wayag is among the very amazing to behold, one of the unlimited vistas of islets of Raja Ampat shooting from the ocean. The karst formations are scenic, mantled by the plant which contrasts all of the ways into the sea’s top layer. Many protrusions are ‘hikeable’ for sweeping views of the archipelago — or rather, you can wear your equipment for a fruitful dive or snorkel.

  1. Kri Island

This unassuming, sleepy tiny island is one of the busiest hubs for diving and snorkelling in Raja Ampat. The north coast is mainly dotted with wrought iron homestays, offering Kri’s famed reefs and underwater vistas directly out of your bungalow doorway. The other highlight of Kri Island is a village of fishermen, Yenbunba. A number of these folks are favourable enough to show you their conventional fishing methods that are spear-piercing.

  1. Yeben Island

With its beaches nestled in a distant location, an island vibe which soothes the spirit is evoked by Yeben. You do not have to dive submerged to be entertained by colourful fish drifting round brilliant coral reefs, since the water is clear. Though you are welcome to do this. Do not forget to blink as the ship takes you round the best “Mirror Ocean”, it is popularly called.

  1. Gam Island

Because of lots of jungle and scenic landscape, wildlife fans can generally witness colourful birds of heaven on Gam Island without actually attempting. The shore is lined with beachfront homestays near villages. Kabui Bay is an exotic nook that is sought on the side of Gam, famous for holiday and river.

  1. Kofiau Island

This island boasts particular all-natural charms in the kind of green-covered limestone, bright white shore and subtropical blue waters. The subtropical jungle is also home to the creatures of heaven. In this island, you will discover indigenous tribes that welcome sharing their own stories and exciting methods of life. The open sea tucks at a wealth of


  1. Waigeo Island

Waigeo is your most significant and most developed island in Raja Ampat. This island will be the very spot that you put a foot upon if coming from the ferry from Sorong. Waigeo is much higher than merely your own gate to heaven. Travellers tend to stroll around this island to shoot photos of its scenic attributes, immersing themselves into neighbourhood life in Arborek Village. Doing research in more of those abundant diving areas is also a whole new level experience.

  1. Misool Island

This island can be found on the Raja Ampat archipelago’s aspect, adjacent to the flourishing and enormous Seram Sea of the Moluccas. That place puts Misool onto a path for large animals. Over the surface, you can see stunning coral reefs, turquoise water, and woods abound. Misool also has historical caves to explore in the region, alongside luxury hotels (if that is to your preference).

  1. Pianemo

This series of islets has come to be the perspective of the attractiveness of Raja Ampat. It summarises a few of these organic vistas you will encounter over the surface, including stunning coral formations mantled in greens jutting from the colourful turquoise waters. The Pianemo scenery introduces a view of this archipelago, and you won’t ever have tired of admiring the scene.

  1. Rufus Island

A growing number of tour operators are adding the tiny hidden gem that’s Rufus Island for their itinerary. It is mainly because of its stunning secret lagoon enclosed by karst formations. To mention that the water is transparent as glass will not be any exaggeration, layered using gradients of gloomy, fenced by lush greenery. It’s like maintaining this delightful spot hidden. Moreover, hiking is also a rewarding activity to do. It is culminating in a sweeping view of the lagoon below.

  1. Salawati Island

Salawati is not precisely the prima-donna of the Raja Ampat archipelago. But, the island contains several unmissable attractions for both nature lovers and history lovers. Hidden within the dense sago woods are old WWII bunkers standing undamaged as though untouched by time. Endemic creatures such as the famed Papuan rainbowfish may be seen playing around the corals.

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